Basic rules

  1. Animals are NOT allowed on the premises.
  2. Quiet hours are from 23:00 pm until 8:00 am.
  3. No fires on the ground nor barbecues are allowed.
  4. Maintain hygiene in the campsite: leave the waste in the appropriate containers.
  5. Respect the vegetation of the campsite.
  6. Maintain respect for campers and workers.
  7. It is forbidden the use of devices that may cause acoustic disturbances (loudspeakers, instruments).
  8. The consumption of drugs or narcotics within the campsite is forbidden.
  9. Clothes cannot be hung out in unauthorized places.
  10. You must leave the campsite with all utensils at the end of your stay.
  11. All the rules of the internal regulations of Organyà Park must be followed.